One of the great challenges of life is how to accept and enjoy your current lot in every season of life.

It is true that we have different seasons in life, but we really don't have much control over these seasons. God is the One who writes our story. If things are going poorly at work, a person cannot will themselves into having a more meaningful job. You can look, send out resume's, and shake hands, but ultimately, whether or not you get hired into a better job is out of your hands. And honestly, you have no idea what brokenness lies on the other side of the fence. You might get into a new job, only to realize that it was worse than where you were before. Similarly, a single person cannot will a significant other into their life. They can spend time with people, they can make a profile up on the internet, and even if they have a particular person in mind, they cannot make that person love them. If you're having family problems, you cannot trade-in your family and get a new one. The bottom line is this: we can't change our current season with the force of our will - only God can change our seasons. Every season has its good and bad aspects, and one of the great challenges of life is how to accept your current lot in every season. Learning how to enjoy the uniquely good things about this time, and how to pray for strength amidst the hard stuff is a continual challenge. May God grant us much grace as we seek to enjoy the story that He has written for us, page by page.