Oftentimes, the harder we work, the more work God lets us do. In contrast, the more we trust and rest in Him, the more He helps us bear the difficult problems in life.

Problems usually do not fix themselves, but I have seen time and time again that the harder I work on problems, the more difficult the problems often become. It is almost like God is saying, "Oh, so you're a big boy who can do it himself? Oh, you can work hard? Okay. You go and do that big boy." And the problem just gets harder until I am exhausted trying to deal with it. But, if I pray and take time to delight in Him in the midst of something I cannot control, many problems become much simpler. If I humbly rest in God's sovereignty over my problems, God often shows me a way to resolve it that is far easier than what I was trying to do before. I believe this principle is illustrated in the book of Isaiah, where God was speaking to the nation about Israel about where they were putting their trust. After telling them that it was futile to trust in a military alliance with Egypt, he pretty much schooled them on this principle. "For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: 'In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.' But you would not,  and you said, 'No, for we will flee on horses' -  Therefore you shall flee! And, 'We will ride on swift horses' - Therefore those who pursue you shall be swift!" --Isaiah 30:15-16