Perhaps things in this life are fragile so it is difficult to find purpose in the creation of our hands rather than the Creator of our souls.

Things in life are so... fragile. Whether it is physical fitness, a work project, a home, stuff to fill a home, or trying to make a name for yourself - they all require so much... maintenance. There is always something broken that needs fixing, and something that needs pre-emptive intervention to keep it working smoothly. Brand new things regularly have problems and must be returned or repaired. Even if you gain popularity, you have to regularly do things to keep people's interest. I believe that this... drama makes it very hard to find meaning and purpose in these things. It denies the ultimate satisfaction of just being able to sit back, cruise, and enjoy what you've done. No, you must summon your strength and go and keep it from going to pieces every day. That does not make you love it and worship it... Rather, it tends to cultivate feelings of annoyance. Perhaps God made things in life that way for a reason?